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MarkJH wrote:

Where it's reasonably possible, I want fact, not anecdote, advertisement, or speculation. Facts are powerful!

If I decide to act on speculation in fact's absence (which I realize we all must at some point), I want to be honest about it--with myself and with others. People ought to--have a right to--know what kinds of risks and unknowns they're engaging.

Yes, exactly. I like your scientific approach to this. I repair musical instruments and it's amazing how many myths and honestly BS there is in the mind of most musicians (I'm also a musician...). They really like to believe in many things. I use the same type of approach to repairing instruments that you show here. Technical and factual as possible.

However, you know where some of the myths come from...? Other repairers, music teachers and sometimes from the instrument companies themselves! I'm not saying Nikon is doing this too, but it's possible (if not likely) that they say "under no circumstance" just to protect themsevles from when someone does screw up.

I cleaned my camera's sensor. But like you say, it's good to know what exactly you know and what you don't know, when doing this. Know what risk you are taking and whether you are willing to take it. What possible problem you could have and whether you can or can't deal with that problem. There is a fraction of a second where all this happens every time I'm doing something to repair an instrument. Even real repairs necessary, which are the best way to do it, are not risk free.

But what I found, and I really hope it's not rude to say it, is that most people don't think like that. That, for example, is why there are some pretty lousy instrument repairers. A lot of people consider this almost obssesive approach to be a waste of time and very boring. They prefer to spend their lives not worrying about it most of the time. This is fine. The only problem is that many are not aware of it, so they will jump to recommend something and not even realize they don't really know.

So... I clean my sensor. But I wouldn't necessarily recommend anyone do it, regardless of how many people claim it's simple and just fine. OTOH, I wouldn't necessarily go with whatever Nikon (or any company) says. Consider that Nikon has a video of showing to clean a sensor yourself!

I agree with you that recommending to clean the sensor in a nonchalant way is not great. Of course it's better to know what you don't know and consider the risks...

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