E-M1 as E-5 successor - first week experience

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A few observations on settings
In reply to pris, Oct 9, 2013

Shooting, reviewing and adjusting, I've come to a few conclusions about optimal settings. While they may not be final or universal for all of us, they work the best for me thus far.

1. Remember how we dialed in different sharpness/noise filter combinations for E-510 until finally most settled on Sharpness -2 and Noise Filter Off as optimal? On E-M1, default sharpness setting definitely oversharpens the JPEG with NF set to Low; in 100% view halos appear and sky area is not smooth enough. I am not keen to set NF to Standard for usual shooting. Sharpness dialed to -1 with NF at Low seems to be optimal.

2. Remember how we dialed color correction in E-30 and E-5, A-2 and G+1? No need in E-M1, nails down colors very well at default setting. In fact, I am amazed by the sheer number of shots that come out just right OOC, requiring no PP whatsoever (color wise). Ability to set the image as you envision it right in the viewfinder has everything to do with it, and proves to be a godsend. Definite cut down on PP time. Attached is a shot with no color editing whatsoever - other than cropping out irrelevant to the topic lower portion and downsizing, consider it OOC JPEG.

3. On e-5, I had contrast set to -2 permanently. On E-m1, seems to be just right at 0, and I only dial it down when shooting in harsh afternoon light.

4. If you are coming from DSLR with no previous mirrorless experience, you probably will feel most at home by setting EVF to style 1, which resembles OVF layout the closest, with good color separation between info line and an image.

5. Good detail about controls/configuration changes: in the right lower corner of the CP there is a section which allows you to jump right to the menu lines reconfiguring buttons assignment. If you need to re-assign some function to some button temporary for some specific shooting situation you are about to encounter, you can do it without trying to remember where in menu it's done.

6. Not so good detail about control: there is no easy way to toggle the color of Focus Peaking between white and black without getting into depth of menu (or at least I haven't found one - please shout if you have). While peaking itself can be activated instantly, change of its color isn't easy, yet I see clear need for it.

7. Mysets can be assigned to any position on the command dial including PASM. In practice it means that if you have some kind of most often used configuration, let's say in M mode - you can set it to M and each time you turn camera on and to M it will come to that standard configuration instead of last one where you might have changed something and forgot. No more accidental wrong ISO, or IS set to off etc.

Lastly, allow yourself considerable time to configure this thing to your liking, and be ready test and reconfigure multiple times. This is by far the most complicated (configuration wise) of Olympus cameras, carrying two technologies in one body and more customizable any made before.

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