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Re: "Truth is . . . "
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TOF guy wrote:

IMO the truth is that it's not "dangerous" neither for the camera or anything else to clean up a sensor. Incidents of scratched sensor seem very rare: I can't remember any report of the sort in a dSLR forum.

Totally fair, Thierry.


(1) You aren't going to answer any of my questions?   Because, you know, factual, specific answers to those questions would settle a lot on this topic, wouldn't they?

(2) Are "reports of the sort in a dSLR forum" really a more useful indication of what to do than statements from the manufacturer like "under no circumstance?"   Anecdotal reports are more useful than instructions made by people with the specific facts at hand?

If so, that's something worth talking about (maybe in another thread).  It's not that folks who write in fora are "lying" or "wrong," it's just that they're very likely more uncertain than they realize.

Case in point: let's just take one of my questions--just one.  What is the filter over the sensor coated with?  (I'm going to just let us roll with the assumption that it *is* coated, though no one's established that for certain just yet.   I'm also going to just roll with the idea that different cameras' sensors aren't radically different from each other in this regard--another thing no one's established for certain.)

If we knew what the coating was--if we knew how hard it was, if we knew what chemical vulnerabilities it might have--then we could swab it with certainty, couldn't we?

But so far, no one has chimed in with any of the relevant facts.   The best we've gotten, so far, is from NikonFan99, and that amounts to "Moose Peterson does it."

(When I watched Moose Peterson "do it" ( ) in the video NikonFan99 linked, above, I was impressed by how often and how emphatically he insisted one should "get otta there!" when an in-mirror-box phase of the procedure was complete.  The video wasn't a ringing endorsement that Moose thinks it's a risk-free thing to do.)

So: in your opinion, it's not dangerous--but you've formed that opinion without direct knowledge of the relevant facts, ignoring them in favor of a preponderance of anecdote (or, rather, a lack of anecdote).  You can formulate your opinion however you like and you certainly don't need to justify it, but it's worth being specific about where it comes from.  Yours, precisely, comes from people not announcing they've screwed up their own cameras.  OK.

Something tells me that not everyone might be as eager as you to trust a lack of people announcing they've bricked their gear in defiance of instructions made with relevant fact.

But we can agree to disagree.  Difference makes the world go 'round.

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