Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: valid critique of Olympus colors?

marvin t martian wrote:

Olympus auto white balance (AWB) often seems too yellow, especially in non-daylight conditions.

In fairness to Olympus -- did you turn off the 'keep warm' option? For whatever reason, out-of-the-box Olympus cameras are set to use overly warm WB under incandescent lighting.

I doubt my friend did this. Thanks, news to me.

For me, the fatal flaws with the E-PL5 are shutter shock and the dysfunctional IBIS. Usability issues can be worked around, but IQ flaws are a different matter entirely.

I missed reports of dysfunctional IBIS - I will have to research this.

The E-PL5's CDAF is still vastly superior to CDAF on the X-series platform, however. Fuji should be embarrassed that even bottom of the market m43 cameras have better AF than their high-end products.

Right, and a recent Fuji P&S model, the F900EXR, is even faster than M43 autofocus. It has on-chip PDAF.

According to I-R.com performance testing, the X-E1 (latest model reviewed) takes .438 second to autofocus, versus .221 second for the E-PL5 (both single-area with kit zoom).

The 16-50 lens seems to focus a bit faster. DPR's X-M1 review says .3 second at wide angle, .6 second at telephoto.

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