Nikon: The Good, The Brilliant and the Stupid

Started Oct 8, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Nikon: The Good, The Brilliant and the Stupid
Oct 8, 2013

It comes down to this:

Nikon makes GREAT products. My D800, though initially a problematic camera, had it's issues resolved and now it rivals my D700 so far as my satisfaction goes. I have owned a dozen DSLRs and used many more from Nikon and Canon. Both systems had problems, but overall these have been brilliant machines that helped me capture beautiful pictures.

But for some reason Nikon has tunnel vision. They never look to the left or right and certainly rarely glance behind. They mostly ignore their customer base, even at the pro level, and focus 100% on the next product. This is a terrible business strategy because building a better mousetrap is only part of what makes a company succeed.

And so Nikon lost HUGELY on the D800 because they failed to address it's issues quickly and honestly. This allowed the lower spec'd 5DIII to ultimately be known as the "safer buy." And plenty of people bought the 5DIII for just that reason. And meanwhile, with many thousands invested in my Nikon gear, I waited MONTHS for my issues to be corrected and never with anything close to an acknowledgment from Nikon on any level. The D600 has had even rockier road.

Everyone wants a fast car, but not if it's gonna leak oil every day in the driveway. Enter the D600. What were those PR meetings even like? Who's idea was it to basically give the fickle-finger-of-fate to current D600 owners and sell a FIXED version with a new name which devalued every D600 on the planet? How can you show so little respect, both to your clients AND your own product line?

So here's my bottom line:

I love my Nikon gear. And I think the engineers, designers and builders take pride in making it all work and go together. But the people who run Nikon and make decisions regarding how the products are supported and sold are incredibly stupid. When you have the "better mousetrap" and still fail to get the basics right that makes you stupid.

Nikon's D610 is truly tough to swallow. It may be a great product and likely is. But it's indicative of a corporate attitude that borders on evil. That may sound dramatic and perhaps "evil" is too much. But I find it less that believable that no one at Nikon knew this was a bad move, that it might negatively impact the company image.

If you think I'm blowing this out of proportion, think again. I don't know a single person, from 10 to 85 years old, who does not do web research on a product before buying. And the D800, D600, D610 will stand out quickly. This is not a minor scratch against Nikon's already damaged reputation.

The D610 may be a wonderful camera. But through sheer idiocy Nikon has made it seem like a very bad buy because of the name on the box. And that's a terrible shame when you consider all the care and love that went into building it.



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