My New 1DX Has Black Spots.

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Jim 123
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Re: When did you Purchase a 1Dx Jim?
In reply to WalterSrChat, Oct 7, 2013

WalterSrChat wrote:

Doug J wrote:

WalterSrChat wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

WalterSrChat wrote:

Jim 123 wrote:

This is not good. I wanted it to work well soooo bad too. I tried to deal with all of the 1DX issues and gave up. Returned it.

I could not find any of your posted problems with your 1Dx that you returned!

Can you help me out here with some posted problem?


Walter Sr

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!

Hi Walter,

I've had 3 defective copies of the 1DX all were "marked" fixed by Canon or I was told it was not defective and each one failed the same wasy.

Is there a question I can answer for you about defective Canon EOS 1DX cameras that are manufactured with defective parts that cause it to fail.

The blabk specs people see are shavings of plastic or metal and or oil spalsh from a piece of plastic rubbing up on metal. At some point it HAS to fail over and over even after being fixed. No amount of lube or oil can stop it. No way it will make it to 400,000 exposures as advertisied

After being through this THREE times and reading reports from people all over the world many of know that the 1DX is defective in design AND manufacturing

Know that the 1DX cannot focus when this issue rears it's ugly head. And there is NO WAY ANY 1DX with this metal rubbing on plastic will make it to 400,000 exposures! The design and manufacturing is defective.

Canon should make the cameras right and replace each one they sold as they know they sold defective cameras.

This really sounds like a class action law suit in the making

Can you help me out here with some of Your Links Posted Here on Dpreview with your problems?


Walter Sr

Walter, this is easy for you to check based on the poster's history, and you've replied in a number of the related threads as well, so check the OP's posting history and that of your own.

In my first comment in this tread, I said “I could not find any of your posted problems with your 1Dx that you returned!

Can you help me out here with some posted problems?


So I did check his posting history and nowhere prior to this post was there any mention of problems with his alleged Canon 1Dx Camera.

Yes I did.  Read my  Jim 123  's posts again, carefully.  I also have photos posted illustrating what I am talking about....

To qualify myself, I do not own a 1DX, I survived the 1D3 fiasco and continue to have good success with this body.

I own the 1Dx, 1Ds II and III and have found valuable information about each on this site.

DPR users/posts represent a very small percentage of the worldwide user base for any body. In my experience we're more likely to see issues posted as opposed to satisfactory experiences


Problems may arise due to hardware issues, operator problems, or too-high expectations. Forums like this one can help get this sorted out and a user on track.

Very true

2 1DX users have experienced problems with their cameras, and there are multiple threads & posts that document this. Why do you have a problem with this and what is your point?

How can your return something that you never owned or possessed?

Walter we've been through this on another thread, your comments are unnecessary and incorrect.

I have provided you with a link to my previous posts where I inquire and comment about my 1DX issues and others' as well.  I really don't get it, what's your deal?

I've owned 4 1DX bodies all with issues that warranted exchange.  I gave the camera my best try.  I finally grew tired of grappling with the issues and returned it without exchange.  That's the truth.

“The truth point to itself”

Walter Sr

Best regards,

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I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits!

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