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Owning the SD-10, 14, 15 and 1M, I can tell you from personal experience that the SD-15 is the odd one in the bunch.

As has been noted many times in this forum, one can generally "shoot the shadows" (within reason, of course) on everything but the SD-15 at ISO-200 or so and be able to pull back the highlights.

When I got the SD-15 and used it on my first outing, I shot a lot of high-contrast, shadow-inclusive pictures and ended up with unrecoverably-blown highlights:  Knowing how AFE works, I instantly realized my mistake when processing the pictures and from then on I set my SD-15 to EV -1 or more since force of habit from the older SD's would be hard to break!  Sith the SD-15, once I'd started setting it to EV -1, started reviewing my histogram more (always a good practice!) as well as more frequently bracketing exposures, I got much better results.

Of all of the SD's that I've had, I must say that the SD-10 and SD-14 are the best in dynamics for daytime outdoor pictures - and the SD-1M is fairly close.  I suspect that this has more to do with my engrained habits than something intrinsic to the hardware itself, however, as they can all do really well if I'm careful.


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