Poll: Why object to children being photographed

Started Oct 4, 2013 | Polls thread
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Poll: Why object to children being photographed
Oct 4, 2013

Since my previous poll just disappeared - without anyone able to tell me why - I am trying again. If some moderator or admin deletes this again, please PM me and explain.

About three weeks ago there was a very controversial poll here on the forums, asking about reactions to a situation where a photographer kept photographing your children even after a polite discussion and you requesting him to stop. There was a lot of angry posts in that thread, and although I do understand it somewhat, I was still a bit surprised about a lot of the reactions.

You can find the original poll here, I will quote the scenario below:

You have taken your kids to a public place, such as a park, a beach, a public pool, a festival, etc., to enjoy the weekend. The venue is not densely crowded, and there are a few people, including myself, taking photographs. I am alone and am unobtrusively photographing other people at the venue, as well as some non-human subjects. You then see me turn my mirrorless camera toward you and your kids and take a few photos from 10-15 feet away. As I turn to my next subject, you approach me and ask me politely to please not photograph you or your kids, and I just as politely inform you that this is a public place and I will take pictures at my own discretion. A few minutes later, I take a few more photos of you and your kids. How do you respond?

Please remember, the above quote is from a different poll, where people had some very strong reactions.

In this poll I want to know the reasons for these reactions - I would like to know why you feel about having your children photographed so strongly (if you do). The answers have somewhat subtle differences, so please read the text carefully. Thank you for participating!

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Direct Danger - I am worried that the photographer might end up doing more than just taking pictures, such as assault/abuse my kids after the event.
7.5% 6  votes
Indirect Danger - I don't think the photographer will harm my kids, but the pictures might end up online which might invite other people to harm my kids.
7.5% 6  votes
Internet Reputation - I don't think the photographer will harm my kids, and I don't think online pictures will invite other dangerous people. However, having these pictures online might cause other clearly defined problems, such as bullying in school or similar.
7.5% 6  votes
Internet is Creepy - I believe no harm will comes to my kids, but I still don't want the pictures online, it is creepy.
8.8% 7  votes
Just Creepy - I believe no harm will come to my kids, and I don't even think the pictures will end up online. But it is still creepy, and I want him to stop.
31.3% 25  votes
Creepy but OK - It is creepy, but I believe no harm will come to my kids and so I just ignore the photographer.
7.5% 6  votes
OK - I don't even think it is creepy, I have absolutely zero problems with someone photographing my kids.
21.3% 17  votes
I am not worried about my kids at all, but there is a completely different reason why I don't want my kids photographed. Please use this option only if the above options really really don't work for you. I can't see how that is possible, so please explain your reasons.
8.8% 7  votes
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