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Re: Sounds like you need a fixed lens prime camera...

Peter Damroth wrote:

vortex09 wrote:

teseg wrote:

... if spots are your most important photographic concern. Plenty of those coming to market now.

In all seriousness, after 10 months of almost daily use I have zero spots on my fixed lens prime lens camera sensor. But if a fixed lens prime is not your thing, practice sensor cleaning because the D600 can produce awesome images.

Personally, I'd be more than happy to accept a D600 that needed cleaning every 2000 or even 1000 shutters. That's doable. Both the copies I've had so far have been more like 50-100 shutters before dozens of new spots appear, a few significant enough to show at f/8. Do you expect me to carry swabs and Eclipse in my backpack on a hike and stop in the nearest dustless cave every two hours? This is the problem with the logic of everyone -- and there are a ton of you across the 'net -- who pushes the idea of "just quit whining and clean your sensor!" If only it were that simple.

Thank you and DITTO!

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I just got my D600 back yesterday after a trip to Melville and I can say that the megadust has not shown up so far. I fired off about 400 actuations over an hour or so and kept checking it and this is nothing like the original which was quite bad. I wish I had kept some of the original sample shots to show the difference. We'll see if it starts coming back again. I change lenses a lot, so I do get dust, but there's a distinct difference between "the problem" and normal dust accumulation.

I almost didn't send mine in because the accumulation had mostly disappeared. But I thought later that if there was a scratchy shutter or some other issue that had caused it, it would be better to have a non-defective one. Apparently Nikon agreed.

Peter - I'm not sure why yours is so bad yet again, sorry to hear it. Can you send a sample image of the worst of it?

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