Are images from the E-m1 actually better than from the E-m5?

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Re: It will be marginal at best

Abrak wrote:

Has anyone done a noise test on Iso 'low' or '100' and compared it to iso '200'. I am guessing it is noisier. But is it noisier than iso '400'?

Why should ISO100 be noisier??

The sensor gets more signal and therefore noise in relation to signal should go down.

Only downside is that you loose highlight headroom, instead of 2 EV you only have 1 EV headroom. That is why dynamic range is best at ISO200.

Or let me explain the other way round:

I often overexpose by one stop until the blinkies give a warning. By doing ETTR I expose the sensor of my E-M5 similar as the E-M1 will do at ISO100. I never heard anyone complaining about more noise with ETTR, only downside for ETTR is that you have to watch the highlights.

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