Cameras: Why Do We Still Need Computers To Download To HDD's?

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Dave Lively
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Re: Cameras: Why Do We Still Need Computers To Download To HDD's?
In reply to MPA1, Sep 29, 2013

The biggest problem is the user interface.  A touch screen would help a lot but even then trying specify what pictures you want transferred would be a slow process using a 3 inch LCD.  Doing so only using buttons would be painful.  Even if you had it setup to transfer everything to directories with a fixed name there would still be exceptions to be handled.  Do raw and JPEG get sorted to different directories?  Do you overwrite existing files with the same name?  If the disk gets full to you delete the oldest files or stop backing up the images?

You can backup files to a hard drive right now using a smart phone.  I have an Android but I would be surprised if you cannot do the same thing with an iPhone.  Just buy what is called an OTG USB cable and both the card from your camera and backup drive will show up on your phone's file browser and files can be easily transferred.  If you are using a hard drive instead of a flash drive you will also need a power supply for the HD.  Using the phone involves a couple of extra steps compared to having the camera do it directly but is more flexible, works with any camera now and your phone has a much better UI for this sort of thing.

On my last vacation wanted to travel light and left both my computer at home.  Not being a high volume shooter I was able to back up all my raw files to a 32 GB flash drive using my phone.  I have found SD cards reliable to the point I am not overly concerned about backups and only do so once every few days.  It was nice not having to drag the computer through airports and I did not really miss it.

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