Nikon D800 + SB-910 + SB-80DX

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Re: Nikon D800 + SB-910 + SB-80DX

Crabtree wrote:

Hi guys,

I was shooting D100 and with SB-DX as on-camera flash for almost a decade. I finally upgraded to a D800 last year, and just last month I got myself a SB-910.

Needless to say, I've only started learning about wireless flash after getting the SB-910. To which I was wondering whether it's possible to use my SB-80DX with my D800 by attaching a SU-4 Wireless Remote TTL Flash Controller to the SB-80DX (to emulate the slave setup that's built into the SB-910)?

Would that work?


Yes, but ... (two buts)

The SB-80DX already has the SU-4 slave built into it (called wireless slave).  So that's all you need, you already have it.

And with the D800, the SB-80DX can only work in a Manual flash mode system.   Which means its wireless remote Manual mode, NOT the Auto mode.    SB-80DX manual, page 85.

The SB-80DX manual discusses it working with TTL, but which means Film TTL - it does not mean digital iTTL with the D800.  It cannot do iTTL.   So to use the SB-80DX in any capacity with the D800, every flash in the system has to be in Manual flash mode (and specifically, NO COMMANDER).   But then, no issues.

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