Cancelled my E-M1 order

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Re: Charles, and I agree
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sderdiarian wrote:

brianric wrote:

sderdiarian wrote:

Tough act to follow, and at $1400, well I'm just not going there (E-M1) at this time. I'll wait for either the E-M1 to become affordable or Olympus to come out with a less expensive body with many of the same features, which I think is inevitable given the competition.

For someone who does not have an E-M5, the E-M1 makes a compelling reason to acquire one over the E-M5.

Completely agree, for those like Charles and it appears yourself who have much invested in HG/SHG lenses, the E-M1 is a god send. And for those just entering mFT at the $1000+ range, the E-M1 also has appeal, although the GX7 would then catch my eye, as would soon to be increasingly discounted (my guess) E-M5's.

We'll see how the E-M1 does in the market at the price they've set for it. It appears off to a strong start based on pre-orders, we'll see if this holds up.

And even if it doesn't, Olympus may be happy simply using it as their new flagship camera soon to be followed by a revamped E-M5 and a lower tier consumer grade full-featured body. Those would make many people happy I think.

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It's also about timing. The EM5 has been out long enough to likely have recouped R&D and start up costs. Now it can be sold at a discount. Enter the EM1, priced higher with features that those who really, honestly can justify a pro camera, along with those who prefer certain features, might grind teeth at paying but as preorders show will do so anyway.

A win situation for the EM5 now: Olympus can afford to reduce the price a bit and then see how the presence of the EM1 affects sales. A few ways: the presence of a flagship OMD model will get some people thinking that the OMD line is now worth investing in because there are always those who are drawn to the siren song of "pro system". The lower price will tempt those who thought the $1000 mark for the EM5 was too high. Reducing the price of the EM5, together with the presence of the EM1, may induce people who are leaning toward lower end DSLRs to buy the EM5.

Sure, much of this is gamble and speculation on the part of Olympus, but that's the nature of the business. Look at how much Canon must have invested in the EOS-M, and what has happened to that camera in the US and European markets.

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