Why Thom is wrong...

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Richard OP
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Why you are fundamentally wrong...
In reply to forpetessake, Sep 26, 2013

forpetessake wrote:

I don't want to enumerate the wrong assertions in the OP post, it's been already done in many replies. I only want to point out one trend that technological advancements demonstrated through the last several decades. Namely, the silicon drives out metal (glass, etc.), or you can say, digital drives out analog.

This is not true, digital only drives out analog if it is better in the sense of storage, if it is not better, it doesn't.

Digital never drives out analog. Because everything digital must be turned back into analog for us to use it. Whether it be prints, or monitor, or speaker. You cannot hear or see digital you only see analog light waves or hear analog sound waves.

In this case the mirror box is analog device from the past, and mirrorless design moves that analog functionality to silicon. Apart from all the other limitations and deficiencies of mirror that were listed, that is one reason sufficient to cause mirror box death. Any mechanical part of the camera that can be unloaded to silicon will inevitably go away. Another technological tendency is reducing the number of chips, so more and more functionality is moving to a single die. That will mean that we'll eventually see a camera on a chip, where (almost) everything is implemented in a single chip.

Until the manufacturing process makes EVF that is better and less expensive than the mirror box, it will not happen. When that happens people will buy it, but they are not right now. Even if it is better, remember sony beta? It has to be implemented and marketed well for it to survive. Mirrorless is in a state of decline as far as sales. It is not "better"

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