Poll: should we lie to beginners? II

Started Sep 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Andre Affleck
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Poll: should we lie to beginners? II
Sep 26, 2013

As a continuation of this thread, I really want to focus on the impact on one's photography if taught incorrectly.

In the last thread I was specifically looking for scenario's where knowing the true definition of exposure and how it relates to ISO changed or helped your shooting habits.

Give me a scenario where gaining the insight that "ISO was not part of exposure" has led one to a better (or even different) decision than a person less enlightened.

Iliah Borg wrote:

I gave it recently. ISO speed bump clips the highlights. On the other hand the low brightness of an important part of a scene calls for an ISO bump if ISO is considered to be a part of something (anything). So in a scenario like a narrow alley in an old Italian town where the sky is bright and the walls on one side of the alley are very dark closer to the pavement it is worth to know that one does not need to bump the ISO speed.

And by the way, what ISO are we discussing, the red, green, or blue ISO? Daylight ISO or mercury vapor ISO?

GB already tried that scenario here. As in your scenario, the benefit to this technique comes purely from the understanding that lower ISOs retain more highlights, and not from how we define exposure. So photographers with less insight, who also saw that original thread, understood it as "if I use the same aperture and shutter speed, I can underexpose at ISO100 and push the shadows in post, only now retaining all the highlights as a correctly exposed shot at ISO3200". They came to the same conclusion as you without knowing the true definition of exposure.

Any more?

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