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SLRs were E-M5 sized decades BEFORE digital!
In reply to Richard, Sep 25, 2013

Richard wrote:

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Both Canon and Nikon used to produce FF (35mm/135 format) SLRs that are close in size to the E-M5.

I don't think that will happen, there is something called ergonomics and balance. You don't make things large or small for no reason, you make it so if fits your hands and balances and is comfortable within the design spec of the camera and lens.

Have people's hands suddenly become gargantuan?  What makes FF cameras of the past (like Canon AE & Nikon FM) fine 20 years ago, suddenly too small?

The only reason originally for the bulk and weight of dSLRs was they couldn't fit the discrete electronics inside a standard sized SLR body...but today it's been proven that the electronics can be fit into a normal sized body, even with a mirror (Olympus E-4xx series dSLRs).

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