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Re: Waiting for Canikon to produce a FF normal sized dSLR!
In reply to Mike_PEAT, Sep 25, 2013

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Both Canon and Nikon used to produce FF (35mm/135 format) SLRs that are close in size to the E-M5.

If they want to compete, why don't they reproduce this with their FF (NOT APS) dSLRs? If Canikon users are abanding their big, bulky, heavy dSLRs for the Olympus E-M5, surely the answer is for Canikon to return to making normal sized cameras again like they used to when they made film SLRs!

+1 to that, Mike_PEAT.  I'd be first in line for a digital Nikon FM or Canon AE.   That is exactly the market Olympus is picking up with cameras like the OM-D and their suite of m4/3 primes.


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