Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures

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...going to work out that Fox news and Fox news links just won't cut it. If you want to offer anything that is going to be taken seriously you will have to offer up some useful links to legitimate research. You can effectively preach to your own with Fox links but for anyone else concerned with this issue (or any for that matter) you will automatically be dumped rightfully in the crackpot pile. You should avoid Fox media links or any of their affiliates and any right or left winged biased media outlets with political or financial motivations. Show us successfully peer reviewed material from legit scientific community sources and it will be worth a discussion but even hinting that you flick past Fox on a channel hunt pretty much blows you out of the water with any reasonable individual. Any Fox links or Fox interpretations need not be looked into and are not worth the electricity used in the click.

For cryin' out loud kiddies, even Ruperts mother was publicly (and a family member at that level and her generation going public with these concerns speaks the worries she had) ashamed of his abuse of the family media empire for his own nut job power grab and the fact that there are people out there that take his work with more than a grain of salt shames and compromises us all.

I'm sorry your hatred for Fox News blinds you from the truth. I know it would be a waste of time trying to set you straight, so I won't.

I don't imagine this will thrill him either

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You are probably right. I can't imagine thinking that a news agency could exist and have as many followers as Fox has if they were not reporting the truth. But there are a large group of Fox haters on this forum.

Rupert has designed and tuned Fox to appeal to a very specific demographic. As long as he keeps feeding you lot what you want to hear rather than what you should hear you will go bouncing merrily along behind him and eating up every little bit of excreta fed to you.

Your point is invalidated by the fact that you either watch Fox or you watch everything else. Were it dealing with the truth it would have far more viewers than it has, those viewers would come from a much broader demographic than the right wing and it wouldn't be followed with such religious fanaticism but since it is spoon fed to the religious types in the US this comes as no surprise (or accident).

You can fool some of the people all of the time and with a mindless minority like the Fox followers that ain't that hard. This report is a perfect case in point. Its contents were cherry picked feed an agenda rather than giving the whole story which describes a very different mechanism than would benefit the oil companies.

Enjoy your cult.

Your bias shines through quite well.  I am sorry you see things the way you do.  You should check the ratings to see that Fox News has more viewers in prime time than CNN and MSNBC combined.  I like the fact that they verify the sources for their reports.  As much as is available they show video clips backing up their stories.  I know I'm talking to a brick wall though.

You should see the world with eyes wide open.  Your narrow mindedness and hatred toward conservatives makes your view of the world skewed way out of sync.

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