Problems with color shift (White Balance) on Nikon D800

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Re: This is normal, because of the light source
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Light is actually a sort of electromagnetic radiation. It has both wave and particle properties. The visible spectrum is approximate wavelengths between 380-750 nm and the frequency range is somewhere around 790-400 THz.

If we look at blue, it has wavelengths between 420 and 490 nm and the frequency range is between 714,5 and 612,5 THz.

In a series of pictures, you are very very lucky if you hit the same wavelengths and frequency. Therefore, I always shoot in Raw, always.

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Nils Petter Rognstad
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While that holds true to some degree D800 has huge white balance issues. Go out at blue hour and shoot a picture of the sky ... how come that is green ... may be the light but god damn ... my d7000 gets the light balance spot on ( it shows me an image that looks like what i am actually seeing which is what cameras are for ). I'd like to see you guys explain that. And with the D800 it's not even a white balance issue ... it's a huge color shifting problem which requires constant correcting in post, image by image. It doesn't favor a certain hue ... it's just retarded as far as white balance is concerned. You can't just set the white balance in the camera to be a little bit less green and be done with it. In some rare situations it gets it kind of right and in most of the situations it gets it way off in such a way that makes it impossible to somehow calibrate it. Sometimes it's a little green ... sometimes a little yellow. Blues are almost always destroyed. I'm actually amazed that this rather big problem is so well covered up ... i would have expected the internet to be full of disscutions on this topic.

LIVMAR and you all, hello from the cordillera de los Andes

This is my first post, please forgive my approximate English;-)) I have been travelling the planet for 20 years on board my expedition vehicle, using two D200, and a D2X + the 18-200 zoom .Now, I live close to some 16.000 Ft mountains and I plan to focus on clouds photographing. Yes ! there are great views on skies here ;-))

Last week I bought a D800 + 80-400 zoom, and I started to "learn" that camera. I do not understand why I get skies with such strange blue colors. I have never seen such a result with the D200/D2X/D40 using them in deserts/mountains around the globe. I will continue to search for better results (that D800 is not cheap, I presume I bought one of the best camera available today, although the D40 makes great photos !!!) I like the remark of Livmar ;"an image that looks like what i am actually seeing which is what cameras are for". Can someone give some tip(s) ? best regards to you all :-))

Richard the Sybarite ( again, forgive my approx English, please)

Hi Richard and to all the readers. I'm thinking of giving it one last chance. I'll go and buy a colorchecker and make color profiles although ... this is not normal for the best damn camera in the freaking universe ( if you belive the dxo mambo jambo - as far as ISO noise is concerned i must say you do constantly need heavy noise reduction in post from around ISO 400-800 ). Any D800 users tried color calibrating this piece of ... photographic equipment ? Results ?
Oh and another thing ... Nikon was just not ready for this. This camera needs a whole new set of lenses especially designed for it's huge sensor but that's getting into another discution. Too bad for the crippled focusing of the D600 ... that atleast was a sane sensor for the lenses available in digital photography today. Also it obviously kicks d800's ass as far as iso noise is concerned.

Also i must apologise for my typing.

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