Warming whoops: Scientists debate the falling rate of rising temperatures

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And that is ..... margin of error..... between ALL the various makes/models of measuring devices that which these models are derived from ..... and that is the thermometer. Add to that variations of placement ..... i.e. how far / close to urban areas and potential artificial heat sources.

NONE of these scientists EVER state the margin of error. I should say. If they have, "I" have NEVER seen it mentioned. It's as if it simply doesn't exist when they mention fractions of degrees of variance.

I'm no expert, nor do I claim to be .... but common sense dictates that the MINUTE differences in temperatures they are constantly harping about ... should make one pause when one considers the MORE than reasonable doubt when... a) The margin of error, and b) The natural fluctuations of climate that has existed since the birth of the planet. I*M*H*O*.

The problem here is that the "minute" differences in temperatures you see are not minute on a global scale. 1 degree higher or lower will (and is) radically modify climate conditions. In the scheme of things what could be perceived as a minor variation in climate in universal terms would potentially end us living in a freakish environment as we do.

The variation in this report actually came down to a mistake of .01 of a degree from a prediction of 1.13 down to 1.12 degrees. Strange how the denialists pinned so much on such a minor variation when they see four degrees in forty years as being nothing to worry about.

BTW if you go to the source literature for most of this science you WILL find the consideration of the margin of error all over the place.  If you rely on media outlets (particularly the ones that are pushing a biased agenda like the F word) for your opinion however you won't find it mentioned.

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