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Erik Magnuson
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Re: Sad indeed.
In reply to howardroark, Sep 19, 2013

howardroark wrote:

Technique and composition may not require a lot of discussion about the specific equipment because those are the focus of the learning at that point.

That learning never stops. Sometimes dealing with gear limitations can inspire new ways of thinking.

At some point figuring out what camera to use does come in to play.

Of course: some specific photography goals do require specific equipment unless you thrive on failure. For example, shooting birds in flight with an P&S will result in frustration unless you have a significant masochistic streak.

Learning concepts and making daily use on a personal and unguided basis are two different things.

Exactly: the "oversimplification" helps to focus the novice on learning to use what they have first. And sometimes upgrading the gear is just not an option - that doesn't mean you should give up photography.

I learned on a manual film camera and it was very useful later in my photographic advancement. I won't pretend that that's the only path to follow.

I don't either. I've taught local workshops on composition, image critique, and "using your camera." I don't care what kind of camera someone has - you can do interesting photography, learn and improve with just about anything.

Right for what purpose is the question. Some purposes may require specific features but there is a lot of photography that doesn't require much at all other than a lens (or pinhole) and a medium to record light.

And that's the kind of argument that I was trying to discuss. Those two extremes don't have any meaningful use to most people, great artists or amateurs.

I must hang out with a different group of "most people" photographers than you do.

what is REQUIRED to get their shot. Not desired, required.

This is the "pseudo-pro" attitude I referred to earlier. Pro's have to get "the shot" that satisfies a specific customer. If you learn more about visual technique and less about gear, your definition of "the shot" can be flexible enough to handle gear limitations.   One interesting exercise is the photo scavenger hunt: take a group of photographers and give them a vague list of things to shoot.  Then compare their results.  You can learn quite a bit about different ways to "see".

The lack of perfection also does not prove the lack of the best camera to match what the photographer needs, wants,

By definition, "best" is an absolute - there is only one. To know if a camera is "best" you'd have to try every possible camera.  If you spend all your time evaluating gear, you have little time for actual photography.

You've stated exactly my point...there is such a thing as a better camera,

There is an old saying: better is the enemy of good enough.   Think about it in light of my statement above.

If you'd read what my post you'd see that I state people with expertise in equipment may be less affected by camera choice because they can adapt their style or they can adapt to the camera itself very quickly, but they still have to work within those confines.

I read your post and am simply elaborating on these hedging statements.  If you have read what I've written, I've also said that "your mileage may vary" and gear *can* matter.  But threads that make only reasonable statements that allow for variations of POV tend to be short

For example, if someone's passion was street photography but every time they pointed their EF 600mm attached to a 1D X at someone standing twenty feet away the candid scene was ruined

This has a simple solution, the same as shooting any skittish wildlife: use a blind.  So the problem here is not the gear, but how to use it

You are intentionally being argumentative

Your OP was intentionally argumentative. Are you actually disappointed someone is taking the time to argue the other side?

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