The Land of Mass Shooting has made more victims.

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Re: This was kind of a first for Black People

Chato wrote:

mamallama wrote:

lylejk wrote:

As I told slider, read it in context. I meant to say I knew it wasn't a white guy. If you really want to know, I actually though it would be a muslim terrorist. Indeed, this guy may still end up being muslim. Mention black as in context after finding out when I woke up. I could have been more precise with my words I suppose since you libs never do take anything I say in context because you are idiots.

Everything you have said trying to defend yourself has been more racist. You should stop before you go deeper.

While we've had Black serial killers before, as far as I know this is the first case of mass murder performed by a Black Guy. Another sign of racial progress.

You are very poorly informed then. The first thing which came to mind when I first heard about the shooting at Navy Yard was this. Done by these guys:

You might have forgotten, we here in DC area did not.

I also recommend you to conduct a search on "drive-by shooting suspect", which usually leads to multiple victims. The results are usually like these (13 victims here in DC BTW just a few months ago):

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