An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why

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The only real point is that the E-M1 is v. expensive, possibly too much. According to Thom Hogan the upper limit for this class of cameras should be around 1000 $. Instead with all the accessories the E-M1 hovers between 1700 and 2000 $!

Introducing PDAF is not worth the price difference with the E-M5. There are some nice perks added, but they'll probably trickle down in 2014 to the E-M6. From the perspective of THIS 1041 forum, the matter is how better are m4/3 lenses at CAF. Verdict is still open because E-M5, and E-P5 with improved firmware did quite well with CDAF only, thanks to the ultrafast linear motors of m4/3 lenses (see Don Parrot posts).

OTH footing the bill without blinking  are 4/3 users, that avoid selling their lenses at firesale prices. Their enthusiasm is somehow ironic since only a month ago they were spitting on everything m4/3 at 1022, and they now crowd desperately here at 1041

Perhaps the OP was motivated by dislike of the unnecessary expense for those who have no 4/3 legacy lenses. OTH Oly never stops improving things, and thus the welcome in camera HDR, the IC Time Lapse Movie, the Colour Creator, which hopefully will trickle down at no cost.

Or won't they? The whole problem is if Oly is not pricing itself out from a saturated market which in the West has been contracting by 20-25%. The 14-40/2.8 at 1000$ is also a v. expensive lens.

It would be sad if the E-M6 saw a price hike in 2014, with further dwindling sales. Let's hope that the E-M1 stays an exception. Oly doesn't need to replicate the mistakes of the past. Or Sony will pick up the pieces.


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