An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why

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Franka T.L.
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Interesting take
In reply to Corpy2, Sep 17, 2013

Though I would say its not the whole nor the end of the story.

I wager its a matter of perspective in term of how one use and demand from a system. What matters is 4/3 did not fulfill its original goal and never materialize as a true viable system, and M4/3 seems trying to repeat the history somewaht. Its carving a niche but that niche is fast facing a dilemma. Just as others had stated, that which APS-C DSLR do not really give the size advantage vs FF. Its now the reverse. The M4/3 do not actually give size advantage vs the APS-C or might be even FF mirrorless. ( take the NEX-7, is it really bigger than the E-M5 )

But yes, those are valid arguments. As far, and as I've read, it seems there is only marginal advance as a total platform goes between the E-M5 and E-M1, which center around the AF and compatibility with the 4/3 lens, ergonomics and some evolutionary improvement. Even Oly seems to suggest that, when I read numerous review, interview from medias regarding E-M1, Oly themselves stress much on the new imaging engine ( the chip ) on image quality improvement. They were avoiding the question of how the sensor perform even though their marketing material keep saying its TOTALLY NEW sensor . The totally new part I would not doubt, but I guess its more about the on chip PDAF and some ongoing improvement rather than for real a new sensor.

Personally I can understand your feud with the size, but o9ne the less the GH-3 or the E-M1 are not really that bulky. OR even the GX-7. What do materialize though is the issue between the 2 very different need for a system that simply need 2 different products. Both though nbeed to cater to the same highly demanding sector of the market. While the like opf GH-3 or E-M1 are needed, there is a market and a demand for something much the same but more like the GX-1 ( size and form factor ) or might be we should take NEX-6 as a cue. Whether M4/3 will provide will be the Mfr's choice.

AFAIC, the E-M1 is indeed an improvement but I do agree its more about supporting M4/3 and evolutionary than about actually fielding a next gen M4/3. For their part, I would say Nikon is doing better, along the whole lineup of theior DSLR, the Mfr almost always infuse improvement worth it into the replacements. The D800/D800E is significant advance vs the D700, the D7100 vs the D7000. I guess both of them had their value and purpose. Its just that they won't be for everyone.

The failure of 4/3 on the market had many factors; I think the Mfrs should take note. The M4/3 had made itself a place on the market, but its no longer new nor novel. So its about time Oly and Panny gorwn up and try to work it into a SYSTEM instead. Right now its far from it.

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