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An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why

Started Sep 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: An anti-EM1 Thread - Here's why
In reply to Corpy2, Sep 17, 2013

Corpy2 wrote:

I love m43. I loved it with the GH2, which I thought was acceptable in terms of image quality and flexibility, but the e-m5 showed me I was wrong. The em-5, however, is acceptable.

Glad to hear your happy with it.

It is very acceptable. And so, an anti-EM1 thread, for those m43'ers out there, especially who own an em-5, and are incorrectly salivating at the notices of the impending arrival and beaching of the EM1. Note, this missive is not based on personal experience. It is based on reading lots of reviews.

Well you haven't every tried 4/3rds glass have you? Check it out but you can still buy those old 4/3rds lenses new, how old is a new 4/3rds lens?

1) The image quality, despite a few hyperventilating reviews, is a little bit better. You hear that? A little bit better. It's not a lot better. It seems to be better anywhere from 1/3 to almost 1 stop. There. You can stop pixel peeping ISO 12,000. One splotch looks like another. The em-5 was very usable at ISO 1600. So's the EM1. So big deal. One's a little better. NOT WORTH $1400.

2) It's obvious that this camera was aimed to try to salvage 43. It's not optimized for m43. Reviews conflict on just how much better it will focus, if at all better, for older m43 lenses. If I have 6 m43 lenses (and I have more than that, actually, including the 20mm 1.7, 25mm, 45mm, 75mm, 75-300, etc.) and I think to buy a new m43 camera, I DO NOT REALLY CARE if it works nicely with older 43 lenses (and a few reviews even said that it did not focus 43 lenses as fast as that last generation of 43 (What was that? E5? I dunno--before my time). I want it to focus my older m43 lenses faster, hopefully a lot faster. I have not really seen an excess of reviews telling me this. So, WTF?

If 4/3rds was before your time then your about 3 years old then? E5 was released in 2010 and is still an exceptional camera in many respects.

Well you haven't every tried 4/3rds glass have you? Check it out but you can still buy those old 4/3rds lenses new, how old is a new 4/3rds lens?

For me instead of carrying a FF and EM5 I might carry an EM1 w/  micro lenses for much of what I do and have a couple of those old dinosaur f/2 zuikos for pro work, and yes it will compare pretty favorable to FF with SHG glass. Yep I said it, I'll put that old dinosaur 35-100 in front of a 4/3rds sensor and not many will see a difference if at all.

I've shot many weddings and a couple concerts with good SHG glass and one of my buddies shoots Nikon D700, if anything the E5 photos with the 14-35 and 35-100 look consistently sharper. I never seen a reason to buy FF it's that good.

Now without Olympus DSLR's in production I might end up going the Canikon route, but only because I might have trouble holding one of those little pigmy cameras.

E3) It's bigger. Oh yes. Oh yes it is. It's not a lot bigger (I mean, it's not a joke like the pigging out that the GH2 went when it turned into a GH3 [for what? Did the reviews say that the GH3 IQ was much better than that of the GH2? I don't remember seeing that]). First Panasonic didn't realize the value of the superb GH2 video, then they paid attention to only that in making the GH3. And the GH3 is much, much bigger than the GH2. Epic fail, folks.
Ok, back to the EM1. It's bigger. Why? If I want a camera approaching a Canon APC camera, I'll buy a Canon APC camera. Or maybe that cute little $800 Canon that takes regular Canon lenses (oh yes, I remember the 70-200f4 IS-- very few m43 lenses approach the IQ of that lens). Fail.

Not all of us are born with little hands or like holding our cameras with our finger tips so if it's bigger all the better, I hope it is!

4) Finally, in summation, to paraphrase the Goldwater campaign (Goldwater? Who's that? Bring your grandfather some daisies and ask him) In your heart you know that this is the classical example of an in-between camera. If you own an em-5, hang on to your money for the next iteration of the *small* em6 or whatever. If you own a bunch of 43 lenses, and had given up hope, now's the time not to buy the EM1, but to unload those 43 lenses on the next sucker. This is the prototypical example of the "Pump and dump" so often done in the stock market with tiny companies.

Classic example of Olympus trying to build a pro body that will meet the needs of all their customers.

Have A Nice Day

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