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Re: My pledge from today on regarding Ken.
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skanter wrote:

Cam Jones wrote:

Limburger wrote:

Cam Jones wrote:

howardroark wrote:

mailman88 wrote:


I love his hype and exuberance....My Canon 70D's video autofocus is the best yet from a DSLR. No, it's nowhere near as fast as it is for SLR still shots, but as video goes, it's the first I've used that does a decent job of tracking reasonable motion.

And hope others here do the same. Whenever his name is mentioned again lets pretend like he doesn't exist. Perhaps if some poor new forum member says something like "wow, he's really smart!" we should simply send a private message and let them know where he is misleading them. If one person gets enough private messages saying the same thing perhaps they'll look elsewhere for information and choose to think about a subject, research it, and come to their own conclusion. Also, when someone is given options then they will see what else is possible rather than being stuck thinking there is only one way to approach an issue.

Any more publicity for Ken isn't doing any good. And in that spirit I also pledge to completely ignore this thread from this moment on. I'm sure two or three people will be glad to see me go. They are the ones who prefer it when other simply mindlessly agree with their opinions and echo them back rather than educating and giving a balanced perspective so that others can make decisions for themselves. We all know plenty of those people. Cliff Clavins of the world unite.

I find comments like this completely disingenuous and totally unproductive.

You sound like you own these boards and people will obey you. LoL. The problem with people like you are you won't stop until people give in or you think they've been "defeated". And since your methods didn't work, you're going to stomp off pretending you're tired of discussing the topic.

Go. Trust me, you didn't even have to make a goodbye speech! LOL. this is Insane!

No,people like Howard try to warn people for gold diggers like KR.

You should rethink your own attitude instead of making comments about others.

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Cheers Mike

I'm comfortable with my attitude and I make no apology for my comments.

So, no, you're wrong. But Thanks for your comment though.

You've dissed a lot of posters in this thread. Chill.

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Sam K., NYC

Dissing one person is not "a lot of posters" and he came after me and others first with his condescending remarks. Actually you did, too, with that inappropriate "morons" comment. That is NOT cool. Did you think I was just going to take it? That's just silly.

By the way, I don't ever start with attacks. But I'll be darned if people think I'm just going to act submissive.

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