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Re: Oh My!...Rockwell's Review on the 70D
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Cam Jones wrote:

tabloid wrote:

Also Ken doesn't attempt to preach to anybody how to be a sports, war, glamour, underwater, parachute, paparazzi, photographer.

He has tested more cameras then most people will have in their lifetime.

I personally find him quite helpful in the limitation that he writes about.

People have embarked on a crusade of misery against him virtually for no reason at all.

I actually like what he writes as he gives it a human face.


Maybe we're biased, but personally, I find all of the above to be valid points.

Im not biased ....I just simply like how he writes.

DPreview writes about cameras in a different way ....and i like that as well.

So we have the best of both worlds.

The fact that we like Dpreview  and Mr Rockwell, shows that there is no bias.

Have seen how they slag off DPreview camera reviews here......lol

Ive been on here for many years, so I've seen it all.(I think).


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