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Cam Jones wrote:

howardroark wrote:

Cam Jones wrote:

He actually does a pretty good job with his reviews. He mixes them with a lot of personal opinions but that's not that hard to filter out.

I was a new digital shooter once, too. If I ran a search and the first thing or even second, third, or tenth thing was this I'd be very confused:

"Digital cameras have been mature since about 2007. Today, they all look fantastic — if you know what you're doing, and if you don't, well, good luck. Resolution is far more than anyone will ever need for anything, and hyper-ISO performance is more than good enough to photograph anything on Earth hand-held."

In this quote, what exactly was incorrect or inaccurate about it? Is it too plain? It didn't sound technical enough? It didn't come with ISO resolution charts and MTF curves? (like this: http://www.kenrockwell.com/tech/mtf.htm).

What's inaccurate about it?  LOL  When people say "...anything on Earth..." you don't see how deceptive and incorrect that is?  Whew!

"The 70D is the least expensive full-performance Canon there is. Paying more for a camera isn't going to get you anything more, unless you really want a larger camera or auto LCD backlight control or all three "C" preset settings as I do — but I shoot every day."

Among other things. Wow, that's funny because my 7D can do other things.

I believe he was reviewing the 70D. Not the 7D, for heaven's sakes!

"Paying more for a camera isn't going to get you anything more..."  No, but he certainly is talking about all other cameras in relation to this one.

And what the F is "hyper-ISO performance" because there are still plenty of times I can barely get a good shot handheld with ISO cranked up....not to mention he doesn't mention what you sacrifice when you do crank the ISO all the way up. Some of us, after years of experience, can easily spot some of his opinions (aka BS) from a mile away, but my first couple of years using a DSLR were constantly being hampered by exactly these kinds of photography websites. "You don't need to use RAW but I won't discuss what's good and bad about RAW and JPEG, I'll just tell you want's bad about RAW and great about JPEG." When you're new and you see enough "experts" saying things like that you can easily be confused.

Compared to all the technical jargon you see in DPreviews, Rockwell's reviews are actually simplified plain language, for the most part. And if he thinks they might need additional help, he provides links to more info, or there is a prominent header that says "how to take better pictures" that explains everything you just quoted:


Yes, making judgments and then qualifying them elsewhere is a common method used to appear somewhat impartial.  I hope in a few years you have learned enough to go back and see how harmful his methods are.

Now when I give advice I try to remember that others are very impressionable and have the right to be given a thorough description of both good and bad so THEY CAN MAKE UP THEIR OWN MIND and be in possession of the facts should they decide to change their minds later.

That's good. Hopefully, they learned something.

I assure you those asking for my help learned much more than they would have going to Ken's site.  I don't force them to ask questions they have no way to know to ask in order to receive a well rounded perspective along with all the resources and facts to further educate them.  They don't have to dig for the truth with me.

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