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Cam Jones
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Re: Rockwell is smart.
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meland wrote:

Rockwell is actually very smart.

For a start he has got us writing about him and those column inches will inevitably produce extra traffic for his site. If that earns him a living then he's got that part right at least.

Second he writes in a manner which is easy to understand for his target market and he expresses an opinion which is exactly what most of his readers want. The anal minutiae that tends to get discussed here ad infinitum is of absolutely no interest to most camera buyers. And he's certainly not boring.

Third, he has more photo equipment experience and knowledge than most here have. And he has his own opinions, which some of you may not agree with, but at least he doesn't simply regurgitate stuff that others have written as fact. As many do here.

Fourth, he can spell, or at least bothers to switch his spell checker on.

Fifth, he cuts through the pretentious crap, which is probably an example many of us could benefit from.

I think the fact that a Ken Rockwell camera review doesn't sound like every DPREview, Camera Labs review or a CNET review angers a lot of people (spelled S-H-E-E-P) in here. I don't agree with everything I read on his site, but then I don't go online to search for a review that validates my own views and my own biases.

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