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"Digital cameras have been mature since about 2007. Today, they all look fantastic — if you know what you're doing, and if you don't, well, good luck. Resolution is far more than anyone will ever need for anything, and hyper-ISO performance is more than good enough to photograph anything on Earth hand-held.

Here are some snaps at the lowest 5 megapixel setting in the smallest JPG Normal compression setting, shot with Canon's cheapest lens, and they are sharp enough to see the dirt on each eyelash!"

"The Canon 6D is extremely popular because it has a larger image sensor, which honestly doesn't make images that much different except for having less depth of field than the other cameras — and having to use much larger and more expensive lenses to match that larger sensor. Yes, the 6D works a little better at stupid-high ISOs in no light, but those differences are minor and you shouldn't be shooting in starlight handheld anyway. More significant is that the 6D has no built-in-flash, which is a significant disadvantage in real shooting in daylight unless you also want to use a shoe-mounted flash. Daylight fill-flash with the built-in flash of the less expensive cameras is far more important than stupid-high ISOs, so you may as well get the 70D."

"The 70D is the least expensive full-performance Canon there is. Paying more for a camera isn't going to get you anything more, unless you really want a larger camera or auto LCD backlight control or all three "C" preset settings as I do — but I shoot every day."

He really doesn't get it.

But why does it concern you so much? It may not be your point of view but that's all it is - a point of view. And everyone is free to discount it, or not even bother to read it in the first place.

Because this forum is designed for both beginner and experienced photographers. Ken says things in his reviews without any context and without any qualification. For example "you shouldn't be shooting in starlight handheld anyway" is a reductionist and dismissive absurdity that does nothing but promote Ken's own very limited and self-centered point of view. If he goes out in the daylight and does nothing but shooting in sunlight then that's great for him. The fact that he doesn't understand and take into consideration that many people need low noise high ISO settings for indoor low light shooting without the use of a flash is enough to completely ignore everything else he has to say, his point of view or not. Point of view is one thing, but his conclusions are written in absolute terms with zero qualfication that can be misleading and deceptive to the uninitiated. Again, he has the right to be a pisspoor writer and to be self-centered. I also have the right to point out these aspects of his conclusions and his writing to those who may not know any better.


He's test more camera than you've ever handled.

When I said qualification I meant he did not qualify his statements. He states absolutes with no context. In college professors were quite fond of saying "qualify your statement" because without any boundaries, background, or even a list of your assumptions then your conclusion is absolutely meaningless and/or useless to others.

Perhaps Ken is qualified to use a camera, but passing himself off as an impartial expert photographic journalist is what he's doing. He has experience, but that doesn't make him qualified to tell others how to think.

I dont think that he's ever said that he is a expert.

I once bought a SLR (can't remember the make) and i read what he wrote about the camera, including the best way (in his opinion) to set it up from the menu.

So i followed  his instructions....set the camera up, and he was 100% correct in his advise.

Saved me hours of messing around.

In fact if i remember correctly i sent him a thank you note.

Nobody on this planet is totally correct about anything or has the same views, just watch the news on TV.

Kudos to him. That long experience has reinforced his own egocentric point of view. He has determined how all those camera suit him and him alone then he reports to everyone without the slightest thought for what might be pertinent to others on the planet. Important to him is not important to me, but that's exactly how he writes. If he were somewhat impartial then I could respect his reviews, but he's obnoxious and deceptive and anyone reading his reviews when getting into photography for the first time are being led down only one path with no options for personal judgment. "Yeah, it's got this and that but you don't need it because it's stupid." I paraphrase, but that's basically what he says time and time again without qualifying THE STATEMENT. Not helpful.

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