Oh My!...Rockwell's Review on the 70D Locked

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Re: Rockwell's Target Audience
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Rockwell just tells beginners what they want to hear.

Roughly paraphrasing:

"No no you don't need to lug a tripod around IS/VR and continuous shooting is good enough. Just shoot a burst and pick the best one."

"Sharpness? Distortion? CA? Only NERDS worry about that stuff. Forget those expensive lenses and just stick a super zoom on your camera and never worry about which lens to use again."

"What!? Buy a newer, more expensive camera with more megapixels!? You're crazy those pixel dont' do ANYTHING!. They're just a scam those evil camera store clerks use to try to sell you a more expensive camera. 6 megapixels is all anyone needs for anything! You are losing nothing by buying last years model on the cheap. The D3100 can handle every kind of photo situation. Besides only real camera geeks would want or know how to use anything better so don't worry about it ."

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