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skanter wrote:

howardroark wrote:.

I get your point and its a good one, but I'm going to present a counterargument anyway. What about someone who enjoys the technical aspect more than the artistic? What if someone wants to take really crappy shots, thinks they look awesome, and then print them at a huge size while retaining all that awesomely crappy detail? Does one have to be a great artist in order to enjoy photography or expensive equipment? Knowing how to use that expensive equipment is necessary to make the money worth spending, but I don't think a lack of the all powerful "eye" should make people enjoy the process any less (you know, "you really have a great eye" people say about photographers that can compose a shot, nevermind all the technical stuff that goes into expressing that "eye").

People certainly have a right spend large sums of money on equipment and use it however they want. But I find it inappropriate for people with little understanding of the creative aspects of photography to buy expensive, top flight equipment. Some people buy gear and just keep testing it, without taking any real photos. What's the point? Just collecting high-tech toys? One needn't be a "great artist" to start learning about the principles of composition, and what makes a good photograph.

No, buying anything just because you can isn't all that wise or fair to those who would make good use of it, but fair isn't something that can be regulated. I'm sure some people don't ever really intend to even learn how to use it properly, much less try to develop their artistic skills. That's a shame. Even though I am personally a bit sentimental about my things, when I stopped using my 10D I couldn't stand to have it sit around unused so I sold it....it was almost like trying to find it a good home like a I would a puppy. I gave my 30D as a gift to someone who ended up not really deserving it, but it made sense at the time and I'm sure it's being used.

IMO people should "earn" the quality of equipment they use by putting in the time and effort needed to achieve some level of skill and understanding.

Yeah, people SHOULD appreciate what they have and make use of it to the utmost of their ability.  Unfortunately there are a lot of morons that don't get it and never will.

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