Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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thanks for sharing...
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Your post brings up some very good points:

1.  Sports or action shooting is as much about the lens as the camera.  Anyone using consumer grade lenses in their action shooting is going to really lower the bar

2.  You still have to know what you're doing.  Nothing in the previous poster's history on DPR shows they have any experience as an action photographer.  So, it's dubious at best to trust their "test results"

3.  I believe your assumptions are correct.  There is a real reason why professional PJs use Canon and Nikon.  Brand loyalty is no longer one of them.  Plenty of Nikon guys switched to canon when canon had the 1dmkIIN.  Then, plenty switched to Nikon when they came out with the D3/D3s and Canon had the 1dIII fiasco.

That focus technology trickles down.  It was a tiny trickle until Nikon pushed the envelope greatly with the d300 and d700.  Until then, both companies had good AF in their non-pro bodies but there was a big gap.  Since then, the upturn in focus system capability has really boomed.  Canon pushed their xxD focus capability down to the xxxD line and had to introduce higher end focusing in their 7d line.

Again, Sony's claims sound great.  But, as your research brought to light, reality didn't quite match up.

BUT, to get the best out of any sports-capable camera, you need a high quality sports-capable lens and the ability to use both.  Then, it's pretty obvious when you use the better equipment.  It's not just brand-v-brand though either.  Lots of Canon 7d users expressed their belief that the 7d was as good at focus tracking as the 1-series.  Of course, anyone that actually then tried a 1-series changed their tune.

Focus tracking ability is a relative thing.  The challenge is - everyone is improving.  Which is good for everyone.  I look back at my sports photos from a Canon 20d and, with a quality lens, they were still pretty good.  I expect Oly, Pentax and Sony have surpassed that level.  So, people in those systems should be able to take great sports photos (with right lens and right experience).  But, Nikon and Canon have also improved greatly.  Especially in their high end aps-c DSLRs.

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