Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

Started Sep 11, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Should I switch from Pro1 to M1?

Just to recap - sounds like the m1 will work for me.   Interesting points but fitting in trouser pocket really is important - it transitions a the camer from (still) something I'm concious of taking out on trips out anywhere to something I will probably always carry.   the evf/ovf sure is good, but really, I could live without it...and the tilting lcd really is very very useful.

Keeping a lens in one pocket/camera in the other ?  Sure its daft, but not that daft.  I love the fact this kits so small, I love the fact my pro1 is so so much smaller than my old d300, this kidn if thing is important.  Build qualty?   Really?  I don't care, I want the camera to last 3 years at most by that time I'll be buying the x-pro2 or x-m2.

I'll do a comparison of the two when it comes and let you all know....

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