Why do M43 releases spark such controversy?

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don_van_vliet Contributing Member • Posts: 618
Why do M43 releases spark such controversy?

Another possible title to this thread could be 'Why are photographers so insecure about their equipment?' (innuendo not intended)

Most M43 releases seem to spark a reasonable amount of negative comments, which essentially boil down to the fact that the sensor is smaller than APS and FF, it's too expensive, and perhaps comparing a particular combination of lens and body to that of another manufacturer to provide a single point statistic about why the other system is 'better'.

M43 users are no better, claiming impossible feats that defy the laws of physics and predicting the demise of DSLRs, OVFs, incurable disease, world famine etc.

But the release of the EM-1 seems to have stepped it up a level. There seem to be a large number (or small number of very loud) people predicting (willing?) the demise of Olympus because they had temerity to release an M43 camera that is big for the system and fairly expensive at release. The sad thing is, if enough people take this attitude and shout loudly about it, it may put people off trying this system and evaluating it on it's own merits and their own terms.

To be honest I thought the forum users here had turned a corner - the few M43 vs Nex troll threads I have seen recently seemed to be mostly frowned upon or ignored. I almost thought that people who decided to buy different models of camera could live together in harmony. How wrong I was!

So why the insecurity? Is it fear of change? Fear of 'the different'? Fear that your lenses might lose 10% value? Some misplaced machismo about how big a camera has to be to be a 'tool'? (some of these apply to M43 users too...)

Going back to the EM-1, yes, it's the largest and most expensive camera in range of cameras. It's not the only M43 camera, it is another choice within a well developed system which includes both small high quality cameras and medium sized more fully featured cameras. At present M43 is the most complete mirrorless system (by some way) and is not going to disappear any time soon.

All IMHO of course.

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