Its official. Oly AF sucks!

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"Please sir ... is the answer 5 ?"

eaa wrote:

Like DPR is the only reliable source in the world?
There are already lots of contradicting reviews out there, stating that it's not bad at all. You seriously didn't think a 1st generation PDAFOS (on sensor) system would rival the big guns ultimate state of the art native PDAF systems to a 100%, did you?

Who's talking about the EM1? (well ... you it seems, but you've missed the whole point!) We're talking E5 focus ...

PDAF systems that have been honed to perfection for decades, and spent millions of dollars in R&D into, and put exclusively into their top tier pro models, costing 5x the E-M1? Well, for pure speed that would not be very likely.

Exclusively into top tier models ?!? Bet cameras like the D7100 smoke it as well. And they're cheaper than an EM1

But for front- and back-focus issues OTOH, I'd wager the E-M1 beats them hands down

Well that's an interesting one. Personally, I'd think that I would actually take that wager (albeit for something small like a pint) if we were comparing like for like DOF. The extended DOF of 4/3 hides a multitude of sins and the mostly fast apertures used by FF users suffering focus issues makes things more obvious.

I'm not one of these evangelists that thinks CDAF is infallible. My take is that the AF with some lenses would be unacceptably slow if they were to go for maximum accuracy, so the algorithms have to do a certain amount of extrapolation and guessing to ensure an AF confirmation in an acceptable time. I don't believe they always get it right.

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