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Re: pursuit of sameness
In reply to Vlad S, Sep 9, 2013

Vlad S wrote:

T3 wrote:

Vlad S wrote:

It is not that hard to isolate the subject with the µ4/3 system, probably with the exception of the wide angle. It may be harder to obliterate the background, but this is beyond of simply "isolating" the subject.


As someone who regularly shoots with a 50/1.4, wide open, on FF...and who loves the subject isolation that I get (quite easily) with this setup, I can certainly say that trying to get the same shots on m4/3 with my Panny 20/1.7 don't deliver anything close to the same level of subject isolation.

There is a difference between saying that "it's hard to separate the subject" and trying "to get the same shots". If you want to get the same shots get the same system, and be done with it. But merely separating the subject is not that hard.


People seem to be upset or perturbed by the use of the word "hard" or "difficult". Well, then let's just replace these words with numbers. For example,

FF: 50mm at f/1.4, focused at 10 feet = 1.02 ft DOF

m4/3: 25mm at f/1.4, focused at 10 feet = 2.07 ft DOF

You can do this with various other focal lengths, and you'll always find that the DOF with 4/3 is always at least double what it is with FF.  So instead of saying that shallower DOF, or subject isolation, is "harder" or "more difficult" with m4/3, let's just say that whatever you're trying to shoot, at whatever distance, at whatever aperture, you're going to always get at least twice the DOF from m4/3 as you are from FF.  There.  No passing judgement, using judgmental words like "harder" or "more difficult" or whatever.  It's simply twice the DOF.

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