Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop

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John Siward
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Re: Monochrom/Noctilux - West Virginia freeway stop
In reply to meagre offerings, Sep 1, 2013

meagre offerings wrote:

hi dale

before you read this post dale please accept that there is no malice whatsoever intended in the following, this is just how i read your threads and the answers you sometimes receive.

in the maybe 3mths since i first saw you appear on this forum, if i remember right, you got yourself a x-vario, then a d-lux6 g-raw, and now a MM/noctilux combo, im not green with envy, but yes i am envious.

the vast majority of the images you have since posted from these amazing photographic tools are usually tagged with asides stating that `these are just test shots to see how the x-varios lens performs`, or other asides just telling everyone that your posted images are just to compare one thing or another.

i would guess that seeing as you talk about using film back in the 70s (like myself) you must have a good idea of how to take a few decent shots that you can put up here. im sure most forum members would love to see you put your equipment to better use, than just posting by your own admission, shots that are just to see how this or that performs.

i know i would love to start seeing some serious stuff of yours,i cant even tell what your prefered genre (if you have one) is after three months, as i cant remember much other than comparison/test shots.

i think most people accept that the three cameras you have spoken about recently are all bloody good tools, so lets see some of your more worthwhile images please.

very best


I think your post is far from harsh - very generous in fact. I love looking at photographs: from classic landscapes through holiday snapshots; and I like "out there" arty stuff like Cindy Sherman, and I'm a huge fan of Stephen Shore, so I've nothing against parking lots and motels and kitsch.

My first thought on seeing the West Virginia freeway stop photograph was that it was someone with some knowledge of photography playing an elaborate joke on the Leica Forum, especially considering the equipment - Monochrom + Noctilux being at the niche / exotic end of the Leica range.

The framing and composition have been done quite carefully, from the lack of anything drawing the eye into the frame, to the OOF tree intruding into the frame on the left. The claimed ISO / shutter speed used provokes an automatic response of "Why?"; and the photo has been processed extensively. There is the posterised sky full of artefacts that has been pasted in quite skilfully, which the photographer acknowledges, but also, I suspect, the exposure, levels, and curves have been manipulated to produce a B&W image with uniformly dull tones.


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