Keep LX7 or RX100?

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Keep LX7 or RX100?

newellj wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

newellj wrote:

In my opinion, the only thing the LX7 offers compared to the RX100 is a cheaper purchase price (which might be enough to sway you) and an ND filter.

That ND filter is real nice. I sure wish the RX100/RX100M2 had one.

Actually, I forgot another positive for the LX7: the 24mm lens. I really liked being able to get a 24mm EFOV with my LX3/LX5/LX7. The RX100 makes up for that in many other ways, but I wish I didn't have to compromise on that.

Don't forget the multi-aspect sensor, which allows a TRUE 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9 shooting - NOT CROPPED. There's also a 1:1 aspect ratio but that IS cropped out of the 4:3. When you set the lens to 24mm and the aspect ratio to 16:9, you have an effective field of view of a 21mm wide angle lens, at least in terms of width - not height... The easily switchable aspect ratio is one of the HUGE points in favor of the LX7 (and LX5 before it), as is the 24mm wide end...


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