Brightness on XZ-1 screen is very poor. Is VF-2 worth it?

Started Jul 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
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OM mani padme hum
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Re: Brightness on XZ-1 screen is very poor. Is VF-2 worth it?

When I bought my XZ-1 I already had the VF-2, as I'd previously used with my E-PL1. I've rarely used the XZ-1 without the EVF, and the fact that it would accept it was one of the reasons for my purchase. In bright light (like skiing) it makes all the difference to being able to see what's happening, and in low light it's much easier to brace the camera when against the forehead at low shutter speeds. Yes, the EVF makes it a bit more difficult to fit in a pocket, but by preference buy clothing with large-ish chest pockets, so that's not usually a problem for me.

The new Panasonic LF1 is also interesting as it manages to include a (lower-resolution) EVF and a 28-200 equivalent lens in a smaller form factor. There are compromises., but it's an interesting option.

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