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Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all

Started Aug 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Mikhail Tal
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Re: Time to debunk IP in digital art and photography once and for all
In reply to Todd Ka, Aug 23, 2013

Todd Ka wrote:

Get a life.

no u

People have a right to what they create.

What they create is a data file with color information. They have a right to that file and the information contained within it. What they don't have a right to is an idea that cannot be defined by sensory parameters. Anyone can claim to have have had any idea at any time and such claims are completely unfalsifiable.

Is somebody starts with a clean pallet and creates something from nothing it should be theirs for life.

This never happens. Nobody ever starts with a clean pallet; everything they have ever seen, heard, and experienced is already on their pallet. If you talking about literally a blank pallet, such as an all-white digital canvas, that's easily circumventable (by compositing, etc).

In general nobody should have a right to jack with it and incorporate it into their work with out some sort of permission from the creator.

"In general" isn't good enough for a law, because then the law can be applied differently to different people for no other reason than random subjectivity between different arbiters or even the same arbiter.

All the pixle mumbo jumbo is just a bunch of mental masturbation to help one feel good about steeling somebody's work to create their own bastardized trash.

No it's just a way to refute your arbitrarily interpreted generalizations. I can produce an image that you think I took from someone else even when I didn't, and I can produce an image that you don't think I took from someone else even though I did.

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