Recent Adorama Ebay D600 "deal"-- FILTHY sensor

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Re: Recent Adorama Ebay D600 "deal"-- FILTHY sensor
In reply to ron_9, Aug 22, 2013

Comedy gold, some of these reactions.  I have already mentioned in this thread how many Nikon bodies I own, and how I do my own sensor cleanings.  I would never share my name on this site, because there are an unfortunate number of flaming chumps, but I am a published photographer (both wildlife and scenics... mostly wildlife).  I find it beyond humorous for people to assume I don't know what I'm talking about, or that I should just get a life.

I ALREADY OWN A D600.  Serial # 609...  I said I wanted to get a refurb for MY WIFE, who is a hobbyist.  My copy of the D600 is exceptional.  I currently own 4 Nikon bodies and an arsenal of their highest caliber lenses.  Please stop pretending that there wasn't a known issue with the D600, Nikon themselves made a half-hearted statement about it and then dropped the subject.  I got a "refurb" 300 serial number body that is clearly screwed.  WHY WOULD I WANT TO START OFF WITH A CAMERA THAT NEEDS WARRANTY SERVICE, SHUTTER BLADE REPLACEMENT, OR WHATEVER?  And cleaning the sensor myself technically voids the 90 day refurb warranty.  Yes, I am going to do an exchange and hope for the best.  That's why I purchased from Adorama, as I always do.

MY GOAL IS FOR NIKON TO STAY IN BUSINESS!!  Call me a whiner if that makes you feel better. I have too much invested.  They have demonstrated a horrendous manner of dealing with the faulty D600's... there are plenty of warranty attempt nightmares on this website.  Luckily, they obviously tightened up the ship on the D7100 launch, much better QC.  But repackaging a flawed camera and sending it back to market is not how to do business.  They are just unloading these things.  Fine, I knew that.  But they should be properly addressed (fixed and cleaned) prior to being declared refurbished.  That's a really simple concept.  The contract they sent me in the refurb box says that it was inspected and returned to like new condition.

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