Honest opinion needed - considering moving away from Pentax

Started Aug 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Joe Harvey
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Honest opinion needed - considering moving away from Pentax
Aug 21, 2013

Hi folks. I am after some honest advice from people out there. I'm guessing the Pentax talk section is possibly not the best place to start because people on here will be Pentax enthusiasts but here goes.

I have a Samsung GX-10 (which is basically a Pentax K10-D) which is more or less fine for my needs. I have shot a couple of weddings, done stuff in the studio and a bit of sport photography. I have a good collection of lenses including the standard 18-55mm kit lens, a 50mm manual focus f2 lens, Sigma 28-105mm f3.8 and sigma 80-200 f4 lens.

I have found the low light performance to be frankly very poor. In my opinion, the images are almost unusable above ISO 400. This has meant that when I've got to photograph city centre cycle races at night, I have often walked away disappointed unless I have used my flash and blinded the cyclists.

I have been asked by friends of friends to photograph two weddings over the next 10 months. Fortunately, it has been glorious sunshine for the other weddings I've done and I think I have always been lucky to produce decent shots with the kit that I have. The couples getting married know that I am not a pro but obviously want decent results. I'm desperately worried about my camera's ability to take usable photos at the sort of ISO level which may be necessary for indoor shoots (probably at least 800 if not 1600).

The money that I will get for doing these weddings, as far as I am concerned, can pay for a new camera which means not only will they get better photos, but when I photograph sport, I will get better photos too. My thoughts are fairly obvious, do I move away from Pentax and buy something like a Canon EOS 600D which will cost £400 with a 18-55 lens, or Nikon D2300 which will cost me about £380 with an 18-55 lens. OR, do I buy a body only Pentax such as the K-5 which will cost me about £500 but I have a good assortment of lenses.

Now I know that some die hard wedding photographers will tell me that none of these cameras are good enough, but I have a limited budget and clients with realistic expectations. I also suspect that the quality of the EOS 600D or the D2300 will far surpass what my GX-10 is capable of.

Whenever I have used a Canon or a Nikon, I have been amazed how fast the focusing is (especially for sport). My GX-10 is slow but I've never known if this was down to my lenses or the camera. If it's down to my lenses, then I don't really have anything to lose by jumping the Pentax ship and going else where.

Any thoughts and advice would be gratefully received!

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