Enough with the moon shots!.....

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Enough with the moon shots!.....
Aug 21, 2013

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I mean why? what's the fascination with it? how many times do I have to see blurred and soft shots of this uninteresting rock as soon as someone gets a new telephoto lens? I mean cats are bad enough, but at least there is some variety, some are different colours and they are capable of the odd different pose, I understand they even move at times, but the moon? It's always round, it's always shades of grey and it's always got a few craters visible to a greater or lesser degree, thats about it. Give me a brick wall any day, at least I can admire different shades of colour or the quality of the workmanship (or not), I might even try and guess the country of origin. If your photograph can prove the moon is made of cheese, or the klangers  do exist I'm all ears, but so far....nothing, just drab, soft (or oversharpened ) shots of a dull grey ball.
However, there is one thing worse than tedious shots of a grey ball, and that is flickeresque unadulterated praise of such shots! "Awesome moonshot Dave!", "Wow! you nailed the moon that time Pete!"....Really? Seriously? So let me get this straight, you had to engage C-AF focusing and hit  an 8 fps burst to nail that sucker? You had to plan months in advance and revisit location multiple times, interpreting complex weather patterns in order to get the right light? OR, did you wait for a full moon on a clear night, sit your camera on a tripod and just take a few shots until you were happy with the exposure?......Lets be honest, it was the last one wasn't it...so on a scale of difficulty from 1-10 we're probably around 2 at best ? (assuming you were born with a hole in your a$$). So no, it wasn't an awesome shot really was it, for someone who can operate a camera in manual mode it was like tying your laces really wasn't it? I thought so.
So what can we do? well how about the next time you get your new telephoto you go and shoot something interesting? maybe something moving with some colour, if you must shoot the moon put something else in the shot, be creative, I don't care what it is, just no more full size moons please, I mean you could stick your own a$$ in and make it a double moon, at least it would make me laugh. If you've got some kind of moon fixation contact Buzz Aldrin, he can tell you all about it, he might even have some shots to share, you know, different ones, some wide angle would be nice I guess. Anyway, have I made myself clear on this, oh and by the way, not the sun either, at least not in daylight, blindness is over-rated....

(Irony mode off)

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