Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica

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Re: Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica
In reply to T3, Aug 20, 2013

T3 wrote:

Cailean Gallimore wrote:

Next the DSLR is going to slip away into the sands of time, as they are replaced by the smaller, lighter, and more elegant mirrorless camera.

I don't think the DSLR is going to "slip away into the sands of time." It'll just become more of a niche product. But we're still a long way from that. There will still be people who favor an optical viewfinder, just like there are people who still favor using a rangefinder. Keep in mind that, even with the massive success of SLRs, rangefinders still haven't "slipped away into the sands of time."

Well, they pretty well have. Around 1970, a fixed-lens rangefinder was the commonest moderately priced camera, selling to the market that today buys a good quality fixed-lens zoom camera. Canon must have sold many millions of their various Canonet models, for instance.

Now the Leica is the only survivor, selling in very small numbers.

And SLRs have a *much* more massive foothold in the photography world than rangefinders ever had. The market for DSLRs will certainly be eroded by the rise of mirrorless cameras. But it certainly won't make DSLRs extinct. I think DSLRs will still be favored by a lot of pro and action shooters. And DSLRs still far outsell mirrorless cameras. So DSLRs are still a long, long, long way from slipping away "into the sands of time." Plus, DSLRs continue to evolve, and have certainly done a better and faster job of evolving than rangefinders ever did. So I wouldn't bet on DSLRs slipping away any time soon. And I wouldn't bet on the DSLR market shrinking to the size of the rangefinder market either.

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