Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica

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Re: Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica
In reply to raminolta, Aug 20, 2013

raminolta wrote:

T3 wrote:

treepop wrote:

Curious if this exists. I love the idea of a nice compact full frame camera with minimal size. However, I'm not willing to drop leica type doe for it.

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We'll eventually have full frame mirrorless cameras, but they probably won't be true "rangefinders" because rangefinders don't offer through-the-lens viewing (at least not if you are using the rangefinder's eyepiece viewfinder), are mechanically complex and delicate (which adds to their cost), and the mechanical rangefinder mechanism sitting atop the camera body obviously adds to the size/height of the camera body, which would of course add to the camera body's size.

Why diverting from his main concern when the original poster didn't seem being concerned about a 'true rangefinder'? He seemed longing for that kind of form factor and mirrorless has the same form factor.

Could you please point out where the OP specifically says that he is not "concerned about 'true rangefinder'" but is simply "longing for that kind of form factor?"  As far as I can tell, he did state he wanted a "rangefinder", and even refers to Leica as being the rangefinder that he's not willing to buy, so many of us have justifiably taken him at his word and not deviated or diverted from his (apparent) primary concern of a rangefinder.  Maybe he really does just want "that kind of form factor" (i.e., not a  "true rangefinder", but something that looks similar), but it doesn't appear that he has specifically stated that.  So based on what the OP has thus far stated, could it be you who is "diverting from his main concern" of wanting a "full frame rangefinder solution" that is "not Leica"?

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