Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica

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Re: Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica
In reply to GodSpeaks, Aug 19, 2013

GodSpeaks wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Everyone is different and I happen to be a person who doesn't like rangefinder cameras.

Back in the 60s and 70s they were great cameras but today they would have to be considered a niche camera. Contrary to all the hype, they just aren't a good choice for most people.

That is a very broad and sweeping statement, and completely wrong. What you ment to say is that they are not a good choice for YOU.

I think he has history on his side. History has shown that, when it came down to choosing a rangefinder vs an SLR, "most people" overwhelmingly chose SLRs. Why? Because SLRs proved to be a better choice for most people. And I think that's even truer in today's day and age, when people *expect* to see in their viewfinder an image that is actually coming through their lens. Additionally, "most people" expect a modern camera to be able to do autofocus...which a rangefinder can't do. Plus, "most people" expect to at least have the option to use a zoom lens on their camera...which a rangefinder can't do either. Also, "most people" expect to see the image frame filling their viewfinder, enlarged and magnified by the lens focal length they've chosen...which a rangefinder can't do. With longer focal lengths, you get frame lines that outline a tiny box that might only take up a small fraction of the viewfinder. So, given the limitations of a rangefinder, and put up against what "most people" expect from a camera these days, I think Ed B is right on the money when he says, "they just aren't a good choice for most people." Sure, that may be a "broad and sweeping statement", but it's certainly not "completely wrong." Broad and sweeping statements can be generally true.

Over the years, rangefinders have been brought to the brink of extinction because they really aren't a good choice for most people.  They are very much a niche camera, just as Ed B has said.

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