Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica

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Re: Full frame rangefinder solutions. Not leica
In reply to JoePhoto, Aug 18, 2013

JoePhoto wrote:

A (true) rangefinder (type) camera would be the BEST choice for many, and maybe even "most".

Compared to SLR's the original (film) rangefinders were:

Lighter / smaller
No shutter lag
Brighter viewfinder (with about 130% coverage)
No "blackout" during exposure
Faster flash-sync speed
Easier to use with "some" filters.

All of these contributed to "better" images.

The main advantages of the SLR was the ability to use "extreme" WA or TELE and the use of "some" filters. (But remember some were easier to use on rangefinders.)

I had many SLR's, but MADE MORE MONEY with my rangefinders, (a lot more money).

NOW .... digital has convoluted things a bit.

But all digitals still have the "blackout" which was one of my major advantages of rangefinder-type. (Albeit the new ability to instantly review-images is nice.)
Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto

( Do You Ever STOP to THINK --- and FORGET to START Again ??? )

Rangefinders have (functionally) inferior viewfinders. Yes, they are big and bright, but they don't offer TTL viewing, don't work with zooms, can't do depth-of-field preview, and are terrible for longer and very wide focal lengths. Oh, and have you ever tried using a graduated neutral density filter on a rangefinder? Believe it or not, a lot of us like to see what our lenses are seeing.

As far as viewfinder blackout goes...uh..you blink your eyes, don't you? The average human eye blink is 100-400 milliseconds. The viewfinder blackout for a few higher-end Canon 35mm film SLRs where...EOS 1V : 87 ms, EOS 3 : 105 ms...EOS 1N : 140 ms.

Photographers overwhelmingly chose the SLR form factor over the rangefinder form factor for a lot of good reasons.  And, arguably, far more "better" images have been shot with SLRs than rangefinders.

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