Is 24 TS-E II that good?

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Re: Is 24 TS-E II that good?
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I own the 24 TS II lens and use it frequently. In fact, it and the 85 f1.2 are the two lenses I take along if I'm simply covering a family event for fun.

The 24 TS II lens has impressive build quality and astounding optical quality. It produces pictures with corner to corner sharpness and contrast and does so wide open. In fact, stopping down does not increase image quality. So the only reason to stop down is to increase depth of field.

Both the tilt and shift features are extremely useful for every day shooting and very easy to use hand held. The whole point of the Tilt feature is that it puts the finesse of a view camera in your hands to use whenever you please. It is not at all necessary to use a tripod when using the TS lens. I use both features when taking candid shots all the time.

The only problem with the lens tends to be a user problem. If you use the tilt feature and forget that you have done so, then succeeding pictures that you take are likely to be partially out of focus. So it's important to be alert and always return the tilt feature to neutral after use. Fortunately the lens has a lock feature for the tilt so if you know you won't be needing it at all, you can lock it down and won't have to worry about the tilt drifting.

I don't know why those B&H critics have claimed:

* The poor build quality

* The knobs that loosen and fall off

* Distortion

* CA

* Softness when the lens is shifted

None of that is true. It's especially interesting that they claim it has chromatic aberration. Actually, it has zero CA as can easily be seen at high magnification. As for softness when the lens is shifted, that would only be true for extreme shifting to the limits of the lens and then only in the extreme reaches of the image circle. "Normal" shifting by a few notches  (say to eliminate too much foreground) does not result in any image degredation.

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