Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'

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René Schuster
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Re: Near-death experiences are 'electrical surge in dying brain'
In reply to Collett, Aug 13, 2013

Collett wrote:

It certainly is the simplest and most straight forward explanation, but that does not always turn out to be the true explanation. As you know, I find the topic fascinating and would like to see more research in this area.

Agree, this topic is fascinating.

What I can add to the discussion: You don't have to be actually dying to "enjoy" near-death experiences.

At least in my case -in the context of a motorcycle accident, drunk friend driving, I was in the sidecar- back in the early seventies, it was enough for me to be absolutely sure that what I expected to happen about two seconds later would definitely be my end to have two of these often described near-death experiences, means I experienced an out-of-body sensation as well as enjoyed watching the "movie of my lfe", the only thing missing was this tunnel-light part.

The only thing that makes your blood run cold (and what probably triggers all the following fascinating brain activity) is the very fraction of a second when you realize that this is the end, that there is absolutely no way to avoid what will happen and that there is no way to survive this! In my case I expected an impact into a massive little wall. What I didn't know that moment, in a black and foggy night: this wall was a few feet to the right from where I thought it was.

The fascinating part of it: The moment you realize and have accepted what will happen, the feeling for time completely changes, everything suddenly feels wonderfully relaxed and peaceful, it feels like the "movie of your life" you start seeing -from earliest childhood days to this very moment- lasts a few hours while it actually maybe lasts a second or even less. I remember my last idea was something like "well, was all very nice, maybe just a little short".

The next idea was something like "No, I am not going to stay inside this body when it will be destroyed on this wall, time to get out of here", so I (or my "soul" or however you want to call it) decided to get out of this body and watch the coming event from a little above and a little back, my "out-of-body" experience. Interesting to learn that your body is not actually you, more like a vehicle we use for a certain period of time and that this connection can easily be broken up!

Posted about it before:


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